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NFUSSD - Granite School District

Granite School District

Salt Lake County, Utah. Nearly 68,000 students are taught in 91 schools scattered throughout the District’s 257-square-mile boundary.

All teachers, administrators and support staff in Granite School District undertake the same charge and responsibility: “All students will leave us prepared for college, career and life in the 21st century world.” This charge is fulfilled by capable professionals who skillfully integrate new education tactics with proven practices.

Through collaboration with departments and schools, Granite School District’s Board of Education guides efforts to support student achievement. These efforts are defined with measurable actions steps to district-wide goals, namely:

  • All students achieving significant growth in each curriculum area
  • Employs meeting or exceeding expectations
  • Increased graduation rate
  • Technology infrastructure supporting all academic demands for service
  • Parents and community members maintaining a positive perception of neighborhood schools


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