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The Federation shares with its members important research and information on a wide variety of subjects by sponsoring studies, workshops and seminars. These programs allow member school systems to exchange theories, examine practices, evaluate operations and benefit from their combined experiences. Some areas of mutual concern are improved communications, school security, teacher evaluation, student rights and responsibilities, discipline, special education, governance, reductions in force and finance.


The Federation may hold two conferences each year - one in the spring and one in the fall. At the fall conference, the Delegate Assembly of the Federation holds a business meeting to hear reports, elect officers, and approve the budget. The Executive Committee meets at the call of the chairman and/or majority of its members and prior to each conference meeting. The Executive Committee usually meets four times a year.

Officers and Members

The officers of the Federation are the president, vice-president and secretary/treasurer. The affairs of the Federation are conducted by the Executive Committee which consists of the president, vice-president, seven members elected from the Delegate Assembly and the immediate past-president. An Executive Consultant is employed by the Executive Committee and words at the direction of the Federation president.

The Delegate Assembly includes the superintendent of schools and a board of education member designated by each Federation board.



The operations of the Federation are presently financed through membership fees. The fiscal year of the Federation runs from July 1 to June 30. The annual budget is presented by the Chairman of the Budget Committee in consultation with the Executive Committee and submitted for approval by the Delegate Assembly at its fall meeting.


The National Federation of Urban-Suburban School Districts is unique in that it includes both school system administrators and members of boards of education. This composition provides a built-in forum for effective interaction between those who adopt policies and programs in public education and those who direct and implement them.

Membership is limited at this time to thirty school systems. As the purpose of the Federation is to address concerns of large urban-suburban school districts, total student enrollment is a factor of membership eligibility. School systems applying for membership must be approved by the Executive Committee.

The National Federation of Urban-Suburban School Districts is a working organization, not a group which has gathered together for the sake of appearance or image. School board members and administrators from member school systems become deeply involved in the studies, programs, seminars, workshops, research activities and other projects of the Federation. Member systems are expected to provide resources and local staff time, as commitments and demands permit, to these projects for the mutual benefit of the Federation. This input brings a valuable return to member systems in the form of vastly increased resources of information, techniques, experience, and expertise which may be used as local systems undertake the challenges and demands placed upon them.

District Requests

One popular benefit of membership is the district request. Each member districts may send a request to solicit information on current practices from other member districts. The NFUSSD office serves as the clearing house for the request by sending out the request and then tracking to determine if a response is sent to the requesting district. Over 30 such requests are conducted each year.

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